Here is an ongoing page of current happenings at Derbyshire Studio

Sept /Oct 2018

I just entered some of my pieces into the Ducks Unlimited National Portfolio contest. I'll know what happens by the end of November.

I have been scanning hi res images for archiving my work so I am updating some of the images on the website to a better representation of the art pieces.

Dec 2017

Dan at has just approved 2 new pieces. They should be for sale at . by the end of Jan .

I was sad to hear recently that Summer Art Scene for Youth will not be continuing next year. It looks like there are way too many art events going on all at once in the Okanagan.

Aug 2017

I did the sasfy workshop once again this august. It was a really good week and I always learn as much as the students.

Summer 2017

I have finally finished my new studio. I will post pictures some time.

Nov 2016

The renovation is dragging on longer than planned. Take a look. HERE

Aug 2016

The workshop turned out fantastic. The students creativity was quite remarkable. We used very advanced professional graphics software and the final products were a pleasant suprise for me.

June 15 2016

I just agreed to do a graphic design class for 15 students for 5 days this summer. I'm told that it was the first class to sell out. No pressure....

I will be designing and teaching a workshop in computer graphic design for young students. A crash course in designing something from thumbnail concept to final art using a scanned hand drawing, photo or graphic image to alter, paint, distress or whatever in photoshop. The final product will be done as a color comp printed for display purpose. The theme is "Spirit in the land of the Okanagan".

Here is a link to the event

June 2 2016.

I just got asked if I would sign a release form for the feature film “The Glass Castle”, starring Woody Harrelson and Brie Larson. It is being produced by GC PRODUTIONS USA INC Santa Monica.
They would like permission to use My tin sign, Magic 8 Motor Oil from Desperate Enterprises as set dressing.
Of course I said yes.

Click for a larger image

Check out Dan Hutchings website.

May 2016

This is the front and entrance of what will soon be my new studio space. Click here to go to see construction progress photos.

I started smashing and crashing walls and drywall to start the construction of the new painting and digital art studio. It is going to be a "state of the art" space to create small to giant canvas works as well as a digital workstation with all the "latest and greatest" graphics goodies.

Here is a photo of my working conditions as they stand. It is time.....

Feb 2016

Here are my 2 latest pieces for desperate enterprises. Magic Eight Motor Oil and Route 666. Both of these new illustrations have been accepted for production of vintage tin signs. Take a look at Dan Hutchings website.


Jan 2016

This is a new page started in 2016 to tell a little about my life as an artist.

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To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say well done.
And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States. (George W. Bush)